Work with us!

The Instahype team offers money-making opportunities for Everyone.

We have built a 'One-Level System' that also initiates a Win-Win situation for the Buyer and Instahype. We conclude a contract with our clients participating in the partner program. Based on the agreement, we determine the percentage that we will transfer after selling each item. Percentage of commission depends on many things, but the commission can reach up to 30%! Note: There is no obligation if, for any reason, the Customer does not sell 1 package at all.

Based on a business plan, we present our Affiliate program:
Customer purchases the Hype6000 Package from us. After consulting, we will create a coupon code for example: 'Norbert20' This means that whoever buys a package through Norbert will receive a 20% discount from the package and Norbert will receive a 20% commission from Instahype. Then we set the positioning and the interest (defined by the client). The program begins to run according to the settings, thus increasing the number of Customer followers! In the order of magnitude 200 new followers per day will be drived to the Customer to reach 6,000 new followers on the 30th day. We will share the URL of our website and our advertising video by sending an automatic message to those people who follow the Customer back. In addition, Customer will be given free hands in sales!

A little bit of Maths:
6000 new Followers, we assume that arouses people's 10% interest in the website, which is 600 people. But take a pessimistic approach and let's say that only 6% of people will buy a package of 0.5%, which means 30 packages sold in one month. We have agreed with the customer for a 20% commission, which means net sales of 360,000Ft after 30 packages sold!

Our affiliate program is a great opportunity for those who want to supplement their monthly income with little work.